Biodiversity Week & Aloe Workshop

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Join us on the 25th for a Special talk on Aloes!

Join us on Saturday, May 25th at 09h00 for a special talk on all things aloe.

Not only will we be telling you what you need to know about aloes like:

  • What are the soil requirements to grow an Aloe?
  • What should I use to fertilize an Aloe
  • How do I treat Aloe Cancer?
  • How do you cultivate Aloes?

And you can ask your own questions about what you would like to know about Aloes.

25% off on all plants between the 20th and 26th of May!

This week at Cycads for Pleasure we are celebrating Biodiversity, and along with the free aloe as another gift from us to you we would like to offer 25% off on all our beautiful plants.

Any Questions? send us a message.

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