Welcome to Cycads for Pleasure

Cycads for Pleasure endeavors to provide a pleasurable experience to plant lovers via the provision quality specialist/ exotic plants.


We have a wide range of different types of plants, from cycads to trees, to a wide variety of herbs; we have got all your green thumb needs covered.

Specimen Plants

Specimen plants are available to be utilized as focus points in garden and landscaping projects.


We do landscaping as well as a variety of different value added services. No job in your garden is to big or too small for us.

Value Added Services


Cycads for Pleasure offers a landscaping service for members of the public who would like to upgrade their gardens without having to take a second mortgage on the house

Cycads for pleasure offers free landscaping advice to members of the public. Just bring a diagram or photo of your garden to the nursery, together with the size of the beds, and we will provide advice on which plants to put where.

Alternatively a consultation can be done at your house with a trained landscaper. We can also provide you with a scale diagram and budget for the new garden, including plants, pathways and any other requested items.

  •  Services to transplant large cycads and handling of sicknesses.
  •  Identification of plants
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise on all cycad aspects.
  • To support conservation efforts where possible. This includes visits by schools, Scouts, etc.
  • Support with acquiring Cycad Permits

Variety of Plants

Cycads are one of our main streams in the nursery. We have a variety of indigenous and exotic cycads available. We are proud to have more than 20000 cycads revolute plants of all sizes available.

Shrubs & Seedlings
Shrubs & Standards
We keep a variety of different shrubs and standards. Shrubs like nandina pigmea, nandina domestica. A variety of standards are always available like syzigium, viburnum. Rose standards and a variety of bush roses are also always available
Aloes and succulents
A wide variety of aloes, cactii and succulents are kept. Large aloe ferox, marlotti and barbarea are always available. Come check us out.

Variety of Products

A wide variety of pots are avaiable. See our pot section for some examples!

Different sizes and colours of pebbles are kept for small DIY projects.

Aloes & succulent
Aloes & succulent
A variety of succulents and aloes are available. Small, medium and large aloes are always available. Landscapers are also welcome!
Other products
Compost and Other products
We have compost, potting soil, bark and basic fertilisers available.