How to Plant a tree

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How to plant a tree

  1. Dig a hole twice (2) the length and width of the container.
  2. Fill the hole with water one (1) day before planting and let it drain.
  3. Mix the dug out soil with compost. Fertilizer can be added according to the manufacturers’ instructions.
  4. Position the tree next to the hole.
  5. Cut off the plastic bag as near as possible to the bottom of the container.
  6. Remove the plastic from the top.
  7. Fill the hole with soil so that the top of the container will be just lower than the surrounding soil, after the tree has been planted.
  8. Extra large trees can be placed in the hole with the help of two poles.
  9. Keep the tree upright and fill the cavity under the container with soil so that the tree stands up by itself.
  10. Pound or trample the soil firmly around the tree.
  11. Make a dam around the tree and fill with water. Let it drain.
  12. If the tree should tilt, anchor it with suitable anchors, especially in windy areas like Vulintaba.
  13. Thread anchor cables through a piece of plastic tubing or hose pipe, where the cable touches the trunk.
  14. Water the tree thoroughly twice a week, until the tree can sustain itself.
  15. 2:3:2 (22) fertilizer can be administered according to the manufacturers’ instructions.
  16. To help with wetting the roots of the tree, a 20mm piece of black PVC pipe can be placed next to the tree roots to help with watering.

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